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             Youth Peer Advocate Credential

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        For Currently Credentialed YPA Only


All New York State Professionally Credentialed Youth Peer Advocates must renew their credential every two years. Before you begin this renewal application, please read the YPA Credential Renewal and Continuing Education FAQ

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at YPACredential@FTNYS.org. 

         YPA Credential Renewal and Continuing Education FAQ

Youth Peer Advocate (YPA-C) Renewal Application Instructions 

General Instructions

  • YPA Professional Credential Renewal Applications should be submitted no more than 90 days prior to, and

no less than 30 days prior to your Credentials expiration date.

  • If your Professional Credential is expired more than 6 months, please contact our office for more information on reinstatement. Do not complete this form.
  • If you hold a Provisional Credential, please contact our office. Do not use this form.
  • Please only submit complete renewal applications. Your application will not be reviewed if it is incomplete.
  • It will take approximately 4-6 weeks for us to process your renewal application.
  • Please visit the YPA Credential section of the Families Together in NYS website under the Workforce Development tab for more information and copies of all forms and FAQs related to the YPA Credentialing process.

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To complete the online YPA Professional Credential application you will need to download, fill out, and attach several documents. Below, we have provided you with the list of documents, including links for download where appropriate. These documents are also available for download within the application. 


You will need to download, fill out, and attach the following documents for your application:  

        Continuing Education Form(s)


You will also need to provide the following documents in your application:     

     Documentation of Continuing Education (certificate of completion, agenda or a copy of the PowerPoint presentation/handouts) for each training activity.